Natural remedies for anxiety treatment

It is alright for you to feel nervous or panicked from time to time but if it happens frequently and at an alarming rate, you need to seek for the proper solution. Unfortunately, such disorder also leads to the disruption of the normal activities and oftentimes cause health related problems. If you are among those unlucky individuals who are completely bothered by the untimely attacks of worry, then panic no more. There are several options for the natural remedies for anxiety attacks which are sure to ease out your burden.
A List of Natural Treatments for Anxiety Attacks
Techniques like mindfulness, yoga, tai chi, etc. bring down anxiety level significantly in practitioners. Even at a neurobiological level, the positives of meditation and mindfulness are getting acknowledged. Regular meditation, as authenticated by the Journal of Neuroimaging, is known to be associated with a number of changes to gray matter morphology. Regular meditation increases cortical thickness in a number of brain regions which helps with improved attention.
Diet and nutrition
Several recent studies have come up with ample evidence that a diet rich in lean protein, complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, and adequate omega 3 fatty acids has a direct bearing on the mental health of a person. Besides, it is advisable to go slow on saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, and processed food items. If not a total cure, these dietary changes can definitely control anxiety level to a great extent.
Herbal and nutritional medicine
Certain herbs like kava, ginkgo, passion flower, chamomile, skullcap, lemon balm, and bacopa are known to have a beneficial effect on anxiety. A general anxiolytic effect of aromatherapy is also gaining prominence in the field of alleviating anxiety. The benefits of herbal medicines in treating anxiety disorders come from modulation of neuronal communication, affecting neurotransmitter receptor or neuroreceptor binding and activity.
Massage therapy
Commenting on massage therapy as a measure to combat anxiety disorder, studies have revealed that massage therapy benefits different patient populations and contexts. Massage therapy helps to calm the body cells, making the body relaxed and hence relieved from stress.
Psycho-physical exercises
Psycho-physical exercises simply involve body movement and deep breathing. In Yoga and Tai Chi, for example, the movements are synchronized with the breath, while in ‘Shaking and Breathing’ they are less so but are still equally important.
Acupuncture has also emerged as a popular natural alternative to treat anxiety disorders. According to recent studies, positive and hopeful findings are reported for acupuncture in treating generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) or anxiety neurosis.
These anxiety natural remedies can produce astonishingly effective results.

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